Tell ASUCI What You Want From MyUCI

It is not an uncommon feeling among students that UC Irvine is ‘boring’ or a place where students flee from on the weekends. But Associated Students of UCI is on a quest to change all that.
With the kickoff of its new program, MyUCI, on Jan. 18, ASUCI offered food and giveaways at Anteater Plaza while surveying students about what can be improved at UCI.
Raymond Giang, ASUCI vice president of administrative affairs and a fourth-year international studies major, and ASUCI’s Office of Administrative Affairs were the ones who decided to start MyUCI.
‘MyUCI is a campaign to fight to improve students’ lives,’ Giang said. ‘ASUCI is devoted to improve student life on campus.’
According to Giang, MyUCI has two main focuses.
‘The first focus is an effort to encourage students to take ownership of their university,’ Giang said. ‘We want students here at UCI to tell us, ASUCI, what they want. Every student pays to go to this university. Therefore, they should get a voice on campus decisions. We plan on getting this done by surveying and a series of focus groups. The second part of this campaign is to inform students on issues affecting them, like textbook [prices], food, parking and transportation and more.’
Ryan Sanders, chief-of-staff of ASUCI’s Office of Administrative Affairs and a fourth-year criminology, law and society and political science double major, was also involved in developing MyUCI. Sanders emphasized the importance of students’ voices.
‘All you have to do is write down what you want from UCI or what you want to be improved and you drop it off to ASUCI and we have a team ready to work on it,’ Sanders said. ‘We want to improve the everyday lives of students.’
Sanders believes that MyUCI is something that UCI students have needed for a long time.
‘This is going on all year and [will] hopefully continue. I think the crucial part of ASUCI that’s been missing is finding out from students the everyday things that we should be taking on,’ Sanders said.
Giang agreed. According to Giang, ASUCI funds had been set aside at the end of last year for the purpose of MyUCI and student feedback is the main purpose of MyUCI, which sets it apart from other ASUCI programs.
‘This program really focuses on the communication between ASUCI and students,’ Giang said. ‘We really try to inform students on specific issues and get more feedback from students. Also we really want students to get involved and feel that this is their campus.’