Taryn Rose’s Secret to Success

It’s safe to assume that you have reached a desirable point on the yardstick of success when your name becomes a noun uttered by A-list stars. But UC Irvine alumna Taryn Rose will tell you that as the chief executive officer and designer of Taryn Rose International, a $22 million shoe company, ‘I have learned a lot in this business, and I am still learning.’
With this open mind, Rose remains a true student at heart, and a role model whom many students were able to relate to when she told her story during a lecture last Tuesday, Jan. 24 in Humanities Instructional Building 100, sponsored by the School of Humanities and the Career Center, entitled, ‘An Evening With Taryn Rose.’
Rose connected with the audience saying, ‘I know exactly how you feel sitting in your seat, knowing what your parents want you to be, but not really sure of what you want to become. Of course, I sat behind an overhead projector in trailers, or even had classes in movie theaters. None of this existed then.’
Rose was referring to the four years between 1984 and 1988. While most of us were still attempting the amazing feat of walking, Rose began attending school, tackling a double major in biology and philosophy.
‘I wanted to get the feel of a liberal arts education by learning in various disciplines,’ Rose said.
What she did not know then was that such an education would prepare her to become No. 1 in Fast Company’s ’25 Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the Game’ in 2005.
‘I had a lot of interests at the time. I had a secret desire to be a writer,’ Rose said. ‘I took philosophy because I was interested in law and teaching.’
But after graduation, Rose found herself studying at the USC School of Medicine to become a dermatologist.
‘It was what nice women did