UCLA Alumnus Hunts ‘Liberal’ Professors

As an undergraduate student journalist at UCLA’s Daily Bruin and editor-in-chief of the conservative UCLA Criterion, Andrew Jones learned the skills with which he could make a name for himself and fight for causes in which he believed. But a glance at his now infamous Web site www.UCLAProfs.com will clearly reveal that his intelligence has been misguided and his use of First Amendment free speech rights reckless and unacceptable.
According to the Web site, ‘UCLAProfs.com is a long-term project dedicated to exposing UCLA’s most radical professors.’
Jones has every right to formally report the UCLA professors he believes are using the classroom as a pulpit for preaching political views to the university. However, like people in most other professions, even professors should be given the privilege of slipping up. If they occasionally mention something political in the classroom they should not need to dread being attacked on an irresponsible alumnus’ Web site.
College is, after all, a place of learning on a scope far beyond what one can absorb from a book. Perhaps Jones never realized this. In college, students learn about themselves and gain an understanding that everything they hear is not true