UNLV Out of Reach of Anteaters

Going up against a nationally ranked squad, UCI’s young Men’s Tennis team had the odds stacked up against them. Composed of 70 percent freshmen and sophomores with no seniors, the Men’s Tennis team would be considered young by anyone’s standards. Still, the Anteaters managed to show a great level of tenacity as they went head to head with the 59th-ranked UNLV Rebels. Indeed, the match came down to the last point as the Rebels managed to squeak by the Anteaters, 4-3.
The highlight of the contest was a doubles match with Aaron Ellis and Andrei Radulescu of UCI squaring off against Brett Hunter and Jonathan Hooper of UNLV. Trailing by a few points, Ellis and Radulescu rallied from behind and exploded on the court as they took an edge over their opponents, who became noticeably frustrated and dismayed after several key misses. Their 8-6 victory was short-lived, however, as the UNLV rebels would rally to win the last two doubles matches, and the decisive point that would later lead to their victory.
Later in the singles matches, Victor Lamm, Aaron Ellis and Alex Sundling all managed to top their opponents, but unfortunately their efforts were not enough. The Anteaters split the singles matches 3-3, resulting in a close 4-3 loss to the Rebels.
Despite the loss, UCI freshman Hesham Kenawy expressed optimism about the young team and the rest of the season. ‘We are a very dedicated group. We all take care of business and work hard,’ Kenawy said. ‘I think we have a great team, we have a young team and I think that we have a chance to go big this year.’
Next week they continue their tough schedule against Princeton at home on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.