ASU Celebrates Afrikan Music

Black and silver balloons adorned the chairs and the front doors outside of Social Science Plaza on Feb. 9 as indicators of the second annual Afrikan Student Union Music Night.
The event was a celebration of music by various black artists in different eras that incorporated student pieces through lip-synching, acting, drumming, music videos, singing, rapping and a performance by Radio, a singer.
In the first act, Christian Bryant, ASU president, and Charles Thornhill, an ASU member, melodramatically acted and lip-synched to ‘Fire and Desire,’ originally sung by Rick James and Teena Marie. The crowd found this opening act very entertaining and participated by making quirky remarks that kept the rest of the audience roaring with laughter.
‘The purpose of this event is to remind [students] that the lyrics in these songs are about the struggles that went on back then and how we should appreciate with what we have today,’ said Brittany Gray, ASU’s outreach events co-coordinator. ‘We’re still similar to our elders