Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Don’t know of a romantic restaurant that is sure to amaze and impress any valentine? Are you missing the key ingredient to making this Valentine’s Day a truly special one for that special someone in your life?
Finding the perfect restaurant that exudes romance and passion intermingled with luxury and intimacy will undoubtedly make you anybody’s favorite valentine. You don’t need to drive far or dig deep into your wallet to go to this restaurant nestled in Huntington Beach. All you need is a little amore, and you’ll be swept away at Sebastiani’s Italian Bistro.
Despite its location in an outdoor strip mall and its relatively small size, as soon as you open the door to Sebastiani’s you are instantly entranced by the charming, romantic atmosphere and greeted with the irresistible smells and sounds of Italy. The soft lighting, complemented by flickering candlelight on each table, sets the scene for a night of romance and delectable Italian cuisine. Fresh-cut flowers arranged for each table and decoratively assembled napkins establish the bistro’s classic elegance, while Italian paintings on the walls and plastic grapes hanging from latticework on the ceiling contribute to the Italian feel of Sebastiani’s.
Although there is a limited amount of room within the restaurant, the tables are evenly spaced so that you and your date can have a small, intimate place of your own, a place where nobody else seems to exist as you gaze passionately into each other’s eyes and notice the glistening piece of spinach in your date’s teeth. You can view the kitchen from your table and watch as the chefs work hard at preparing these extravagantly made