There Are More Than 50 Books Better Than Racz’s

The name Justin Racz might not ring a bell to the average person, but those of us who peruse enticing book titles at Urban Outfitters might be familiar with his two other ’50’ books, ’50 Jobs Worse Than Yours’ and ’50 Relatives Worse Than Yours.’ His new book, ’50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours’ fails to meet expectations.
This book is a classic example of a book not to be judged by its cover. The title insinuates that the book is comical, but the extremely random and somewhat funny photos are ruined by their lame descriptions. The page next to the picture of the featured boyfriend is a profile including benefits, drawbacks, occupation, look and other miscellaneous characteristics.
’50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours’ classifies as a gift book, meaning that it should not be bought as a good read, but more to make fun of a friend who seems to have the worst boyfriend. This joke gift might maker her feel better, unless of course she finds characteristics of her boyfriend show up multiple times throughout the book. In that case, there is a place at the end of the book where the reader can fill in the details and picture of Number 51, Your Boyfriend.
The photographs of bad boyfriends are somewhat entertaining. Sometimes the not-so-funny ones are made absurd with the names given to describe the men. Vegan, Number 26, is pictured wearing pajama-like overalls that fail to cover both nipples, standing next to his oddly dressed girlfriend at a Woodstock-like event.
Oddly, Racz’s list of horrible boyfriends starts with Number one, rather than counting down to create some kind of suspense. The worst boyfriend, Boyfriendster, is one of the funniest because he actually exists. Dates with Boyfriendster occur online and luckily the photos he e-mails you do not accurately represent his appearance.
The book claims to make women ‘walk away thankful for the boyfriend they have and the one they don’t.’ I’m grateful for not having Racz as my boyfriend because I don’t want to date the author of this lame book.