We Are The Fury: Automatic Hit with Head Automatica

Smear on the glittery eye makeup and get your dancing shoes on for the fury of We Are The Fury unfurling across music venues in North America this spring and summer.
Well, maybe ‘fury’ is a little too raucous to describe this ‘dancey ’70s glam band who likes to fucking party and rock,’ as lead vocalist Jeremy Lublin proclaimed.
Yet this opening act for Head Automatica’s show at the Chain Reaction on Jan. 30 managed to send an electrifying surge of electronic rock beats through the crowds, resulting in the same effect as if Head Automatica had actually taken the stage at the sold-out show.
‘This is our fourth time touring in California,’ Lublin explained. ‘But this is our first time in Orange County and people are really starting to take notice now.’
With a musical sound reminiscent of Guns N’ Roses combined with David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust days, Darryl Palumbo of Head Automatica requested the members of We Are The Fury to accompany his band on their spring 2006 tour, when Lublin handed Palumbo a demo.
Along with opening up for Head Automatica, one of We Are The Fury’s favorite bands and really one of the few bands that fit into the genre that they fall into, the sonars of music junkies have been picking up the sounds of their Jan. 24-released EP, ‘Infinite Jest,’ after being in stores for a little over a week.
‘We actually recorded the EP a year-and-a-half ago and released it ourselves. This is a rerelease of it through East West,’ Lublin said.
With the help of their independent music label, East West, We Are The Fury has managed to remix, remaster and rerelease songs from their self-cut album, for which only 1,000 copies were produced.
East West also stood by We Are The Fury’s side when a little legal dispute over their former name ‘The Fury’ briefly put them through troubled waters.
However, the past is the past and it’s quite obvious how that problem was solved as they are now We Are The Fury.
In addition to the positive reactions from fans from their new EP, We are The Fury has already begun to record in between show dates for their full-length summer release which will include a collaboration with Head Automatica’s Darryl Palumbo and a few ‘surprise extra songs’ that Lublin prefers to keep quiet about.
The band originates from the mild, mild Midwest that Lublin admits is ‘fucking boring.’ The members of We Are The Fury assembled together in high school and have been together as a band for two-and-a-half years.
However, being in the middle of nowhere has given the guys of We Are The Fury the initiative to derive sounds and songs from the music vibe of Ohio, which stems from an array of different places.
One of their biggest influences, which can be detected in a few of their tracks, are the sounds of David Bowie which are ’emulated but not imitated,’ Lublin said.
Alas, youth is not wasted on the young and these Toledo, Ohio youths surely know how to make the most of their adventures in the music world.
While touring with The Juliana Theory last year, ‘We had a night with absolute partying to the fullest,’ Lublin confessed. ‘Our guitar player fell asleep in an alley right next to a homeless shelter. It’s funny because bums wouldn’t even stay in the alley.’
The partying gene seems to have also had an effect on Lublin’s younger brother and drummer of We Are The Fury, Stephen Lublin.
‘My brother was carried out because he was acting crazy,’ Lublin said. ‘I don’t remember the night but that’s pretty much the part that I think sticks out in my mind.’
So make room on the dance floor for We Are The Fury as they continue performing in Head Automatica’s East/West Coast tour and Goldenvoice tours such as The Take Action tour in March and Warped Tour this summer. To keep updated with the latest We Are The Fury news, check out http://www.myspace.com/TheFury and http://www.wearethefury.net.