It’s Not the Oscar’s, Get Ready for Greek Awards 2006!

It’s winter quarter. What does that mean to the Greek community? Greek Awards have arrived! Greek Awards is a night to recognize and honor both the accomplishments of outstanding individuals as well as fraternity and sorority chapters as a whole. This year, the annual awards ceremony held by the Order of Omega in the Bren Events Center is scheduled for Feb. 27.
Beginning Week 1 of winter quarter, chapters have been busy writing nominations for 13 chapter awards and seven individual awards. For the first three weeks of winter quarter, 18 fraternities and sororities spent many hours perfecting their award nominations.
The winner of each award was selected at one of six selection committee meetings. These meetings were held during weeks 4 and 5 at an on-campus computer lab, where awards were announced online. At selection committee meetings, each chapter sent one delegate representing his or her own chapter. Nominees for each award were selected based on a point system which ranked the top three nominees in each award category. The winner of each award is the nominee with the greatest number of points.
Last spring, the first annual Greek Awards review meeting was held in an effort by the Order of Omega Executive Council to foster growth and change in the awards ceremony. All members of the Greek community presented suggestions and critiques in that meeting. The Order of Omega Executive Council has worked especially hard to implement the suggestions from that meeting.
The most noticeable changes from last year’s process are the online submission system, the point system for selecting winners and allowing chapter names and nominees to be included on each award.
This year, all chapters had access to a password-protected Web site where they were to upload their awards. Also, we are pleased to announce the addition of the Outstanding Greek President’s Award, suggested by Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s outgoing president, Omar Alverez.
Aside from the changes to the nominating system for these highly competitive awards, my executive committee has also implemented a charitable aspect to Greek Awards. The goal of the Order of Omega this year is to donate $1,000 to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.