Gianni Schicchi A comedy of Fellini-esque proportions

In Florence, Italy, Buoso Donati, a wealthy and successful film director, celebrates his birthday with what appears to be a loving family. Yet before the first slice of cake can be cut, Donati inadvertently claims it for himself by dying, his head’s fall eased by the cake.
With the party’s mood deflated, the family is sent briefly into mourning. Donati’s family are cast members of ‘Gianni Schicchi,’ a one-act comedic opera by Giacomo Puccini, which was presented in Winifred Hall on Feb. 24 and 25 and featured UC Irvine undergraduate students, alumni and faculty from the UCI Music Department.
When a shoddily dressed Betto (Jeremy Neth) tells the family of a rumor that Donati (Dr. Bernard Gilmore) had intended to donate his fortune to a monastery, the family’s interest level in the man’s passing collectively