Go Abroad With Travel Study This Summer

Ever think about studying abroad in England, Scotland, France or Italy for the summer? Well, UC Irvine’s Travel Study program can help you arrange a trip that will truly change your life forever.
Travel Study offers six programs altogether for American students: Year Abroad, Semester Abroad and four summer programs (Cambridge 1, Cambridge 2, Scotland and Italy). Cambridge 1, which is open to 135 students and takes place during the first five weeks in the summer, offers arts and humanities courses; Cambridge 2, which is open to 60 students and takes place during four weeks in August, offers courses purely in the arts; Scotland, which accommodates 25, offers History courses; and Italy offers art history courses for up to 25 participants.
The program basically provides the UC with course descriptions and goes through the UC Regents as legitimate UC courses. All courses are taught by British faculty. If you’re wondering what the difference is between EAP and Travel Study, it’s this: EAP is a UC-wide organization that has an office on every campus, whereas Travel Study is strictly a UCI organization, so it’s completely independent of the other universities. This being said, you’ll avoid the hassles of transferring your units through the UC system because Travel Study offers UCI credit, meaning it’ll be like studying at UCI on a foreign campus.
Shannon Clark, a fourth-year international studies major who studied business and history in Paris in summer 2004 and in Cambridge in summer 2005, found out about the program in a flier she received over Christmas break.
‘Travel Study has a focus on travel plus study,’ Clark explained. ‘You get the best of both worlds. Also, there are not as many summer program options through EAP, so it provides more opportunities to students, not just UC. Any university student can attend so you meet more people. The length is great because it is long enough to explore the country and become immersed in the culture, but if you need to come back to work or take more summer classes, you can.’
During the Travel Study meet-and-greet last Tuesday, Feb. 21, at the University Extension Building C, students interested in Travel Study gathered and listened to several students share their experiences in the Cambridge and France summer session programs. Also, guest speaker and ninth-year administrator at Cambridge University, Gideon Malone, gave a pleasant overview of what to expect when traveling abroad in Europe.
‘This is always the best time of your life,’ Malone said. ‘Never again will there be a time when you have less responsibility and less to do in your life. Everyone says [Travel Study] was a life-changing experience. Wherever you go