Hip Hop 101 With KRS-One

The Hip Hop Congress put on a highly successful event on Feb. 22, hosting Hip hop legend KRS-One, who was welcomed by a full house in Humanities Instructional Building 100. The rapper outlined the history of Hip hop as a culture and its philosophies in a lecture that kept everyone engaged and hanging onto his every word.
KRS-One (born Kris Parker) is a legend in the Hip hop community. His politically and socially conscious rap put him on the map as one of the most influential rappers of the late 1980s. He is often credited for paving the way for hardcore gangster and socially aware rap music.
The social consciousness for which KRS-One is famous made its way into his lecture, making it apparent to everyone just how powerful his philosophies and musings on the world are. KRS-One spoke passionately and with great eloquence, incorporating comic relief and causing the audience to break out into laughter and cheers on several occasions. While the lecture ran well over the anticipated time, KRS-One’s energy, interesting anecdotes and commanding presence made the hours seem like a matter of minutes.
KRS-One, whose pseudonym stands for ‘Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone,’ began the evening with what he called a ‘Hip hop orientation.’ The audience was introduced to the four elements of Hip hop that KRS-One explained were agreed upon by everyone within the Hip hop community. ‘We equate Hip hop with breaking, emceeing, graffiti-writing and deejaying,’ KRS-One said.
The makeup of Hip hop has been ‘multicultural, multiracial