On-Campus Study Areas: Extreme Makeovers Needed

Since the decision to expand the Student Center was put into action, I have, for the most part, accepted the inevitable fate of our school.
Although obvious inconveniences remain, I realize that the expansion is a necessity and it just so happens that current students must make the sacrifice for future Anteaters.
In fact, I can put up with the lack of convenient, quality food stands, an absence of common meeting places for students and even the eyesore that is the current construction site.
The only complaint that I have relates to the fundamental purpose of most students’ attendance at UC Irvine: education.
As a double major, I’m no stranger to late nights at Gateway Commons or at the Office of Academic Computing, the only 24-hour lab and/or study area available on campus.
Sharing an apartment with three other girls, which brings the temptations of chatting and television, literally makes these on-campus study environments a necessity for me and, I’m sure, many other students in similar situations.
However, it’s not rare to see a completely full Gateway Commons, even when midterms and finals are weeks away. And good luck when you need to cram for tests around these high-traffic times. Neither Gateway nor OAC will have a place for you.
This is besides the fact that both these study areas are pretty much the most depressing places you will ever see.
The desks are all brown, the tables and computers are the same shade of light tan-gray and the chairs are brown with a faded barf-green tweed covering on the seat. The floor and walls are the same color as the tables and computers. No wonder suicides are high during finals week.
Would it cost so much to update the furniture or add a little color to the place? Take a few hundred dollars from the $33 million budget spend on the new engineering parking structure and paint the walls a calming shade of blue.
I would say they’re going for a vintage or retro look, but I’m sure this furniture was considered the height of university d