Partisan Politics Rethought

The debate over abortion and gay marriage has completely taken over the political arena, so here is an oversimplified, compromising solution. Democrats, give up your pro-choice beliefs and Republicans give up your antigay polices.
Democrats have long held that it is a woman’s right to choose with regard to abortion. While I personally hold this belief, it seems more likely that the new Supreme Court is going to strike down the decision.
This is evident with the recent Samuel Alito and John Roberts confirmations tipping the court in an ultraconservative direction. The state of South Dakota has also recently passed a bill banning all abortions, except when a women’s health is in danger, in an attempt to have the new court hear the case and possibly overturn Roe v. Wade.
The debate over where life begins has been heavily debated. For their part of the compromise, Democrats must give up their stance on abortion. This beings me to my next argument.
Republicans’ antigay stance must go away if they want Democrats to give up the right to an abortion. Gays are no different from any other individuals except in their sexual preferences.
This simple factor should not lead to the types of discrimination gays and lesbians face daily.
It is time to accept the fact that marriage is a nice thing but not as sacred as conservatives make it out to be. Between 40 and 50 percent of married couples end up divorced, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.
Recently, 11 states rejected same-sex marriage initiatives in 2004 and there is a new movement among 16 states to ban gays and lesbians from adopting children.
These measures and movements need to be stopped and full rights need to be provided to every individual, gay or straight.
With more gays and lesbians getting married as a result, the Republicans have compromised, society will benefit. Also, the fetuses that were allowed to live will also benefit.
If a mother puts up the child for adoption because she cannot care for it herself, there will be an opportunity for these children to grow up with a future and chance in life.
With gays and lesbians given the right to marriage and the opportunity to adopt these children, it will bring happiness not only to the couple but to the child as well. Instead of foster care, children will be adopted by gay couples and given love and a chance to live out the American dream.
Gay and lesbian couples, instead of discrimination, will have the chance to raise a family like everyone else and take care of the child as if he or she was one of their own.
The Democrats need to give up their negative view of pro-lifers while Republicans need to give up their antigay view.
This will allow both these groups to come together and establish a normal life for gays and lesbians and their new adopted children.
So the multiplication principles of mathematics were correct in that using two negative views can ultimately create one positive outcome for society.
Like I said before, a very oversimplified and controversial solution to a boiling political issue.

Bhavik Patel is a second-year political science major. He can be reached at