Who is the Athlete’s Athlete? Do They Play Soccer, Football or Ba

In my column last week, I determined, for a number of reasons, that the most athletic position in sports is either the forward in soccer, swingman in basketball or running back in football.
Now, if you’re anything like me, you take your sports pretty seriously. My short discussion with my friends turned into a week-long thought process. I even found myself thinking about the topic in class and bringing it up with different friends to see what they thought. The following is what I came up with to support my conclusion of sports’ most athletic position.
Soccer is a tough sport and requires all the ingredients that make up the ‘best athlete.’ The world’s elite soccer players, the forwards (a.k.a. strikers), have sprinter-like speed, agility, toughness, jumping ability and great footwork. Yet one of the things that makes soccer so beautiful is also the main reason for its elimination here