Hate Speech is Irresponsible

I offer my humble words to our First Amendment, which grants us the right to freedom of speech.
I apologize, First Amendment, on behalf of the people who abuse you and use you as an excuse to generate hate and enmity.
The framers of the Constitution were men who sought liberty and justice for all, and wrote the Constitution for people who would hopefully realize that with rights come responsibilities.
Freedom of speech, more specifically, is a right that requires responsibility, as established in Brandenburg v. Ohio, 1969.
Some people, however, want to take the right and not accept the responsibility by using the freedom of speech to generate hate toward an entire people, nation or religion.
For those who abuse their rights, I apologize to the First Amendment. Freedom of speech was abused when African-Americans were publicly harassed and verbally abused before the Civil Rights Movement.
The abuse of the freedom of speech also created and sustained hate toward Jews in the history of the United States, which is just as despicable.
Similarly, displaying cartoons attacking the core beliefs of an entire religion is nothing but tasteless disrespect for freedoms that some of us have come to take for granted.
And yes, I mean you, College Republicans.
Within the last few months, the Muslim world has been enraged by a Danish cartoon that depicted the prophet Muhammad with a bomb on his head in place of his turban.
The cartoonist reached an abject low by depicting the revered prophet of Islam as a terrorist.
The cartoonist did not mock the few terrorists who hide under the name of Islam.
Rather, the cartoonists mocked the prophet of Islam himself.
The message that is sent out by the cartoon is clear: Islam teaches terrorism.
The cartoon propagates hate toward all Muslims