Increase School Spirit

Recently, there have been a lot of things said in regard to the upcoming Campus Events Referendum, but not all of it has been true. As a member of Associate Student’s Office of Student Services, I would like to help clarify what the Campus Events Referendum actually is.
This specific referendum is going to be $6 a quarter that goes directly into an account not only for concerts, but also comedic acts, guest speakers, lectures and many other major events throughout our campus.
With such a wide array of large events, we would be able to accommodate all different ages, interests and majors. For example, if you want to see a big-name comedian around Irvine, you would have to go to a comedy club where the age requirement is 21.
If we got a name like Russell Peters here, all ages could attend and without the two-drink minimum. Similarly, we could get guest lecturers ranging from the humanities to engineering fields.
Also, a part of this new referendum would be getting famous authors, directors or whomever we like to speak here.
In addition, with the Campus Events Referendum in place, ASUCI will be able to get artists that almost no other schools can get like Snoop Dogg and Pharell, the Killers and Kelly Clarkson to play for the general public right here, on campus, at UCI.
These extracurricular activities are able to be held throughout UCI, including Vista Fields at Crawford Hall, the sports fields at the ARC, Aldrich Park and many other areas at school. All of these events will be open to the general public.
I know what you are thinking with all those big names and ideas: ‘Yeah, right. There’s no chance that any of them are going to come to Irvine and play for us.’ Up until a couple of weeks ago I would have completely agreed with you.
But with the Campus Events Referendum it is actually possible. All of the money will go directly toward these things. It will be paid for by us to be allocated by us. Everyone has a say in where the money goes by voting for the democratically elected vice president of student services or going to the ASUCI offices, located behind Cornerstone Caf