Layin’ Back With Ross and Aaron

On a Tuesday afternoon, the Bren Events Center is much quieter than most people probably see it. In fact, you have to ring a bell to be admitted onto the top floor, and security is reluctant to let anyone into the UC Irvine Men’s Basketball team’s practice.
Despite the hesitant staff, senior guards Aaron Fitzgerald, who ranks seventh in the nation in assists per game with 6.3 (as of Feb. 27), and Ross Schraeder, the team’s top scorer at 13 points per game, are more than willing to stop and talk for a while.
For these two players, the quarter will mark graduation and the end of their UCI basketball careers. Though they have played together for the past two years, they came to the school in very different ways.
Schraeder, a fifth-year political science major, has been playing with the basketball team for half a decade. ‘It’s been fun [playing] with different guys every year,’ Schraeder said. ‘I’ve been around a lot of different coaches too.’
One of the perks of playing at a school for so long is the contacts that are made. ‘I’ve got connections with guys from my first year here,’ Schraeder said. ‘We all become pretty good friends.’
During his stay at UCI, Schraeder has continually worked for improvement. ‘A lot of people might have thought when I got here