‘The Islamic Religion Is an Evil Religion’

A presentation by UC Irvine’s College Republicans and the campus-unaffiliated United American Committee on Feb. 28 in the Crystal Cove Auditorium devolved into chaos as audience members and panelists exchanged harsh words over three controversial cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
Organizers claimed the forum, titled ‘Domestic Organizations in Support of Terrorism or Not? You Decide,’ was designed to provide an arena for an open discussion of the global uproar caused by 12 Danish cartoons originally published in September of last year.
However, any attempt at rational dialogue was quickly subverted by unruly audience members and panelists. At least two of the approximately 250 audience members were escorted out of the room by police, including one man who got out of his seat to physically and verbally threaten an outspoken Muslim seated in the audience.
Six cartoons