Chill Out, Campus Groups!

If the Muslim Student Union is trying to create an accepting and tolerant environment on campus, they need to try a little harder.
Having rallies, demonstrations and speakers that convey anti-Semitic messages and deter reconciliation between Christianity, Judaism and Islam is not a very effective way of attaining peace. Instead, it allows the College Republicans more opportunities to be the College Republicans.
In fact, the College Republicans should join the MSU in a new effort to chill out. This isn’t referring exclusively to the recent conflicts they’ve had, but their agendas as a whole.
Affirmative action isn’t all that bad, and Islam isn’t suffering from a declining membership. Furthermore, perpetual anger and inflammatory comments aren’t very attractive.
Both groups need to realize that the traditionalist objectives they are aiming for will elude them as long as they continue pissing everyone off.
I should clarify before I move on to more criticism that I have no problem with Islam, and I have the utmost respect for Republicans, who are probably much smarter than me.
My beef is with the two student groups, who have channeled their youthful energy into being irate rather than studying or drinking excessively like other college students.
I applaud their efforts to stand out, to do something most 20-somethings, including myself, don’t do or care about. I hate politics.
But there are better methods of expression, and they don’t involve using Jews as a universal excuse for everything that has gone wrong in America.
A good example was the recent ‘Who Was Behind the Cartoons?’ event in front of Cornerstone Caf