Grad Students Win Lawsuit

A San Francisco judge recently ruled against the UC Regents in a lawsuit brought by a group of UC professional students.
The judge ordered that more than $33.8 million be paid to over 40,000 professional students who claimed that fees were illegally raised in spring and fall of 2003.
The class action lawsuit, filed in July 2003, argued that the price that students were required to pay for classes violated the terms that they had agreed to.
Mohamad Kashmiri, who initiated the lawsuit, had stated in a July 2003 interview that the Regents raised fees five days before summer classes.
According to the initial complaint filed by the plaintiffs, the Regents breached their promise that the professional degree fee would not be changed during the students’ period of enrollment.
The Regents raised fees as much as $160 for each undergraduate student and $180 for each graduate student.
Superior Court Judge James Warren agreed that the UC had breached its contract with the students. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the bulk of the award will be distributed among 9,163 students from UC’s professional schools.
Two law firms that have taken on the case