The Sound That Can Be Even More Powerful Than Your Favorite MP3

Silence is underrated.
As I walk around our mostly circular campus, I see way too many people absorbed in their own worlds, listening to their MP3 players with those tiny earbud headphones which I have never managed to put in correctly.
I wonder what it might be like to have a conversation with them, but quickly realize that my iRiver MP3 player has switched itself off. For fear that I might actually travel through campus in silence, I scramble for the tiny ‘on/off’ button and sink back into Zachland.
MP3 players have afforded us the freedom to listen to a wide variety of music while not requiring a case full of CDs or cassettes to be at the ready. But with their added convenience, MP3 players have also sucked the life out of basic conversations one might have at a pub or in an open-air caf