Why Less is More These Days in Postseason Tournaments

If you’ve been following the college basketball tournament at all these last few weeks (and I know a lot of you have, judging by the size of UC Irvine’s Facebook pool alone) you’ve been treated to a competitive and upset-laden tournament that’s busted your brackets on numerous occasions—see George Mason. You’ve probably heard a sports personality or two declare it the ‘greatest sporting event in the world.’ Now, while I won’t go so far as to make that claim in this column (I took enough heat for my ‘Best Athlete’ columns) I will say that it is among the greatest sporting events in the world.
However, I recently heard talk from some experts who claim the tournament would be better if the field was expanded to include all Division I teams. The argument behind this crazy idea is that it would only take two more rounds of games to squeeze all 334 teams into the tournament (with higher-ranking teams assumingly earning byes into later rounds).
While this proposal sounds great at first