GSC Bridges the Greek Community

Greek letter organizations and students should be excited for the new club, Greek Community Service, which was recently founded here at UC Irvine.
This organization focuses on breaking down the walls between different Greek letter organizations and the campus at large while performing community service. In addition, the club serves as a means to help eliminate the stereotype of Greek letter organizations being party houses bent on social deviance and general hell-raising.
Despite being founded recently, the organization currently has about 50 members and is growing rapidly. The group is not limited to Greek letter students only; people who are interested in this kind of work and service are asked to check out the Facebook group and get in contact with one of the executive members of the club.
‘So many people in the Greek community feel that one of the largest hindrances that we face as Greeks is, in fact, the senseless barriers that seem to exist between one organization and another, particularly among fraternities,’ said Michael Josephson, current president of GCS. ‘This group is a way for those obstacles to come down while performing some good not only for the Greek community, but for the whole Irvine community in general. Astonishingly, as far as we know, this is the first group of this kind and we are looking to expand and carry the idea to other campuses.’
The first event GCS has planned is a picnic in Aldrich Park for underprivileged kids that will not only fill an afternoon with fun and activities, but introduce disadvantaged youngsters to the collegiate experience.
‘We’re really excited about it,’ Josephson said. Students should expect to see it some time later this quarter.
Meetings are held every other Wednesday, starting on the second week of the quarter. Students, Greek or otherwise, who are interested in finding out more are urged to check out the Facebook group, where there will be regular updates of meeting times and places.
‘The organization is growing at too fast a rate to keep a static meeting place at this time,’ Josephson said.