The First True Pike Challenge

One of the lesser publicized but major aspects that fraternities and sororities offer to their membership is undergraduate leadership development education, which is routinely provided by the diverse national fraternities and sororities. Such programs include Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Balanced Man Program, Pi Kappa Alpha’s Pike University, Phi Kappa Psi’s Men of Excellence and Pi Beta Phi’s Leading With Values. Numerous others are offered by the different national and international fraternities and sororities for the men and women of the Greek community. These programs enhance and improve upon the leadership and personal development of the top leaders of the women and men of the Greek community.
This year Pike University, one of North America’s leading providers of undergraduate leadership development education and a program of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, is proud to offer its first annual True Pike Challenge. The True Pike Challenge will take place June 18 to 24, at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Boulder, Colo. The Boulder Outdoor Survival School is the oldest and largest survival school in the world. Tuition for the challenge is being completely funded by the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity.
The intent of the challenge is to eventually have all 19 participants be guest speakers at the Pike University leadership summits or conventions. There the associates will teach and tell other members from around the country what skills they developed under intense conditions.
Participation in the True Pike Challenge was offered to the top 19 Pi Kappa Alpha members throughout chapters in the United States and Canada who had obtained at least Garnet standing (had attended a minimum of three Pike University events) and were not graduating seniors. Over 300 men qualified to apply for the True Pike Challenge. Of 300 potential applicants, Andre Ramirez, will be the only candidate representing the West Coast.
Ramirez earned this prestigious award due to his participation and development in the young UC Irvine Pi Kappa Alpha chapter. His leadership positions within his chapter included being the former chairman of the social, public relations and recruitment committees, as well as serving as the third president of his chapter. He served not only his chapter but all the Greek community by being on IFC’s judicial board of appeals. Ramirez has extended his leadership abilities to the entire campus, serving as ASUCI Legislative Council At- Large Representative, where he continues to focus and work on issues facing all students.
Leadership development programs are continually redesigned and developed to ensure that the leaders of the Greek community are fully prepared and equipped to take on the many challenges that are faced during and after the college experience.
This important and vital leadership training that exists within the Greek community sadly often goes unnoticed. For instance, the Western Region Greek Leadership Conference was attended by four members of both the IFC and Panhellenic councils.
While it is not necessary to boast about these leadership opportunities, it is important to remind ourselves from time to time about the various aspects that Greek membership does provide.