‘V for Vendetta’ Review Entertains

I would like to thank the New University for publishing Ricky Achiro’s review of ‘V for Vendetta,’ in the April 3 edition, entitled ‘Vendetta Provokes Irresponsibly.’ It provided me the finest comedic relief I’ve had for some time. The review, a howler, nuttier by the paragraph, proved funnier than any parody.
I love that Achiro quotes himself at length.
I love the paean to Margaret Thatcher’s treatment of Britain’s economy, its corroded labor markets and educational divestiture.
I love the ‘ultraliberal’ epithet, as if it carried the cultural baggage of ‘fascist’ or ‘mass murderer’ or, better yet, ‘child molester.’
I love the slapstick bungle in treating the Wachowski brothers’ anti- Bush conceit as an al-Qaida communiqu