Big Fish Pushes Poor Parasitic Puppies in Parking Lots, Including

There is a crisis on our hands and I have CNN to thank for letting me in on the terrible problem wreaking havoc on tens of people in the San Diego area. One citizen, known by the local police as a ‘Big Fish,’ has been selling cute puppies, including poodles, Chihuahuas, boxers and cocker spaniels, to local residents.
Whatever are we to do?
The brilliant newscasters at CNN, most certainly facing a dearth of newsworthy stories, made it sound as though selling puppies to eager children and willing parents was a crime warranting serious punishment. Judging by the CNN video footage, police are taking no prisoners with these ferociously adorable 3-to-6-week-old puppies. Why else would policemen point guns the size of two or three puppies in the puppy peddler’s face? Was the gigantic gun necessary in case the puppy peddler proceeded to pitch puppies in the direction of the policemen?
Well, it turns out these poor pooches have worms, parasites and often die soon after being bought. CNN, in all its greatness, chose to wait until 10 seconds before the newscast ended to let viewers in on this minor detail.
A basic news journalist principle is to put forth the most important information about a story first. In ignoring this principle, CNN is clearly developing a great sense of humor. With a straight face, someone must have proposed leaving out the parasitic nature of the puppies until the end, allowing viewers to think that simply selling and buying puppies was illegal and wrong.
Buyers of the 28 puppies