ASUCI Election Results Released

During the spring 2006 Associated Students of UC Irvine elections, a record 6,329 ballots were cast. Although the results of the three student fee initiatives and the at-large representative positions have not been released as a result of pending complaints, the winners of the other positions were announced last Tuesday.
Stephanie Johnson is the new ASUCI president, receiving 1,396 votes. Andre Ramirez won the executive vice president position with 1,232 votes. Jose Gonzalez, who ran unopposed for vice president of academic affairs, received 2,972 votes. Eric Williams won the administrative affairs vice president position with 1,813 votes. Rosanna Huang took the vice president of student services seat with 1959 votes.
Among all new Executive Council members, none received a majority of votes cast. Gonzalez received the most, with 47 percent. The next-highest winner was Rosanna Huang, with 31 percent.
No Executive Council members received more votes than abstentions for their races. It is likely that students who abstained from voting for the Executive Council members cast ballots in order to vote on the three student fee initiatives.
Johnson, Gonzalez and Williams were unavailable for comment about their wins and their plans and strategies for the upcoming year.
Huang, the new student services vice president, excitedly commented on her victory.
‘I felt so ecstatic that I screamed and started jumping,’ Huang said. ‘It was all so overwhelming, in a good way. I’m back in the office and I’ll actually be doing what I wanted to do since freshman year.’
Her plans for the upcoming year include improving publicity, trying to spend money efficiently while using alternative approaches to provide programs, and expanding on the programs and events offered.
Ramirez, elected this year as the executive vice president, was just as excited.
‘People say I couldn’t stop smiling,’ Ramirez said.
Starting out as an at-large representative, Ramirez plans to continue the work he started last year.
‘I plan to try and resolve some issues with the Parking and Transportation Office that I had been working on as an at-large representative,’ Ramirez said. ‘I [also] plan to help the Legislative Council become more productive and proactive in their work. I would also like to see ASUCI as a whole become more efficient.’