By Brent Chow

Nintendo’s Wii dominated the show floor. In fact, the success of the Wii was so great that neither I nor my fellow correspondent were able to physically try any of the games. The line to get into Nintendo’s booth was more than unreasonable, it was insane. The wait was more than four hours long at 9:30 in the morning! The key to the wild popularity behind the system is clearly linked to its unique control system.
The controller, which resembles a TV remote and is motion sensitive, can be used interactively during game play. For instance Gamespot.com reported that in EA Sports’ Madden Football ’07, players can make passes in the game by making throwing motions with the Wii controller, kick field goals by flicking it forward and even hike the ball by gently tilting the controller forward.
In short, innovation won out at the show, and even though I did not get to play the system, the lines and buzz surrounding it at the show were reason enough for me to give Nintendo top honors at this year’s E3 for its next generation console, with last generation graphics, likely to be released this November.
In any other year, Microsoft’s sheer number of high-quality titles would have earned it top honors. Unfortunately they ran into the innovation machine that was Nintendo this year. Nonetheless, it was still an impressive show for the Xbox 360, which has been in stores