Behind the Gates of the Student Center

The sights and sounds of the construction of the UC Irvine Student Center have become a daily part of the lives of students, faculty and staff. But does anyone really know what’s happening behind those covered gates?
The New University was fortunate enough to go behind those gates, thanks to PCL Construction Services, Inc. who is the general contractor of the project, and see first-hand the development of the Student Center.
‘As of a week ago, we calculated the construction to be 35 percent completed and we are definitely on schedule for the opening,’ said Jim Henderson, associate construction manager and one of the project managers on the team for designing and construction on the Student Center.
According to Henderson, there are about 90 to 100 people working on the construction site each day from 7:00 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon Monday through Friday.
‘However, there will be about 150 workers on the site by the end of next month,’ Henderson said.
Fortunately, according to Henderson, there have not been any accidents so far.
Students will also be happy to know that their money is not being wasted.
‘There are always challenges along the way, but we’re staying on budget,’ said Marc Tuchman, the director of the Student Center.
The design of the Student Center has also taken the opinions of students, faculty and staff into consideration for many of its aspects.
‘One of the things we learned from students is that the old building was not easily understood.