West Coast Progress Report

The MLB season has been in full swing for nearly two months now. With divisional races heating up, each team is looking to find consistency that will hopefully land them in the postseason hunt in September. Here is a quick look at how the West Coast teams are currently doing.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (17-27)

The Angels are currently in last place in the AL West and look nothing like the team that has won their division the past two years. Injuries have not helped as Cy Young Award-Winner Bartolo Colon has been out most of the season. Yet, for the Angels to get back on track they will need their offense to come to life. The Angels did nothing to address their offensive woes during the off-season and it has been their Achilles’ heal so far this season. The Angels have scored three runs or less 19 times already this season. Vladimir Guerrero will continue to put up his usual numbers