Yossi Olmert’s Statements Invite Terrorism

Yossi Olmert made his extremist views against the Palestinian people and the nation of Iran clear on May 17 during a talk entitled ‘Israel: A Discussion of Recent Events’. Even though he is only the younger brother of the president of Israel, his influence in the political sphere is recognized. His statements revealed Israel as a rogue nation, unconcerned with international law and principles, and only concerned with its own economic interests.
As Israel continues to shell Gaza, even though its actions are condemned internationally, Olmert stated, ‘We are not afraid.’ The number of Palestinians dead is 3,000 in the West Bank and Gaza, including more than 600 children. Yet Olmert ignores this significant number, and he only refers to the dead Israelis which number 900 according to Human Rights Watch. He himself names an incorrect number of 1,100.
The idea of Israel being a rogue state becomes clarified in Olmert’s statement that ‘we will redraw the internal boundaries of Israel with or without the agreement of the other side.’ He goes on to state that Israel has no plans to communicate with Hamas, and only refers to them as an ‘elected terror group.’ Democracy is not a priority for Israel, states Olmert, concerning the election of Hamas.
The portion of the lecture regarding Iran was restricted to propaganda and media statements. His own ignorance of the subject of Iran became blatant when he stated that ‘we have never ever in our life issued a threat to Iran.’ Even FOX News has reported Israel threatening Iran, in ways which are similar to how the United States is also threatening the sovereign nation. Both nations have broken the U.N. charter and violated international law by invading other countries, such as Lebanon (Israel) and Iraq (United States), and conducting illegal forms of torture (both nations).
The most shocking part of the lecture involved Yossi Olmert himself making a terrorist statement. Regarding the statement by President Ahmadinejad of Iran about Israel, Yossi Olmert stated, ‘We should see who is wiped off the map first.’ Such a statement is extremely serious coming from a nation with a covert nuclear weapons program, a horrid human rights record and more than 9,000 Palestinians imprisoned, many of them children. Iran has no nuclear weapons and has an inalienable right to nuclear energy under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which it has signed.
Also under the treaty, other nations must ‘facilitate