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A Day in the Life of a Minor Leaguer

After graduating from UC Irvine last year, pitcher Steve Schroer entered the world of minor-league baseball attempting to work his way up the ladder and break into the major leagues. While Schroer is currently playing for the Single-A New York Yankee affiliate Charleston Riverdogs, the following blog entries are from earlier in the year when he was playing in spring training.

Friday, March 10, 2006
The end of the first week. Today marked the end of the first week of spring training and a lot was accomplished. Pitchers and position players alike were kept pretty busy all week and packed full of information. The pitchers began their day of practice at 9:30 a.m. and were finished with the practice at about 12:30 p.m..
The hours of practice included bullpens, one every other day, and plenty of PFPs (pitchers fielding practice). All of that was topped off with conditioning at the end of practice. The practices are not as long as they will be in the future due to lack of scrimmage games being played. In the weeks to come they will be a little longer because after each practice there will be a game to play.
After practice, lunch is served and then a wait for the afternoon meetings to begin. Each day there has been a meeting to go over the expectations of us as players and as an organization. These meetings vary in time.
Once the meeting is over it is off to the showers and then head home—home, of course, being the hotel about two miles away from the complex. The time in between practice and dinner is usually filled with a lengthy nap or a round of golf. And then it is off to eat. Once curfew check is finished it is off to bed to start the day all over again. The experience is unbelievable so far. I have reunited with all of my teammates from last summer and met others who are just as fun.

Sunday, March 5, 2006
The first official day of the new minor league season begins. After a long travel day on Saturday, Sunday morning came early and fast. The day started with a 7:15 a.m.wake-up, which is actually 4:30 a.m. California time, and a quick drive down the road to the complex. Once there, we were handed our physical forms and the events started.
First stop was the blood testing station and the final stop was vertical leap test. In between the two was a variety of testing from an EKG to a dental exam. Two hours and 15 minutes later, the physical process was over. Once fed breakfast, we headed over to the driving range to hit some balls before lunch. Driving around to find a place to eat, we saw a flea market and decided to stop. After browsing through an endless amount of used golf clubs and attire, we went to a restaurant to eat. Lunch was finally over and there was a three-hour break between lunch and our first meeting, which was scheduled at 5:30 p.m. The meeting lasted about an hour and then we were on our own for the rest of the night left to anticipate the events of the next day.
The anticipation is great considering it will be the first day of camp and excitement for most has set in. The only thing left to do before it actually begins is to get a good night’s sleep and prepare for the competition.
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