‘Genocide’ Does Not Describe Middle East

If the Mexican government were sending suicide bombers across the border to blow up buses and nightclubs, I would hope that the American government would build a wall to keep them out. In my opinion, that is not a racist policy. It is simple protection. It is not different from the bars that people put on their windows when they live in a crime-ridden neighborhood.
Israel is doing the same thing, and the Muslim world is accusing them of creating an apartheid state. This is not the case. The wall serves the purpose of protecting the Israeli people from terrorist attacks that the Palestinian government has no genuine intention of halting. The segregation in South Africa was established because of the ethnic prejudice inherent in the British imperial government. It would have been in place whether or not the black people in South Africa were dangerous.
The wall in Israel would not be constructed if the Palestinian government had signed a peace agreement in 1999, when Yasser Arafat was still alive and in power. Instead, he chose to fight and incite violence. The wall would not be built if terrorist groups discontinued being terrorist groups.
Huda Shaka’s May 15 article states that Israeli’s ‘have attempted to systematically annihilate Palestinians,’ yet it was the Arab governments in 1948 that declared war on Israel almost immediately after it was founded. These governments, including Lebanon, Syria and Iran, still call for the destruction of the Jewish state which is, in fact, a Jewish state. Would they call for its destruction if it were a Muslim state?
The Palestinian people would be more than welcome to live in the country and continue their own religious customs and beliefs, but it would have to be a peaceful residence. Huda Shaka seems to think the Palestinian people have been oppressed, yet they have been granted more privileges and rights than they would receive under the rule of any Arab government. People who live in Iran do not love their nuke-wielding ruler, who has managed to turn the entire Western world against him. Sadaam Hussein, before he was removed from power, did not treat citizens of Iraq with any more respect than he displayed for the United States or the United Nations.
Shaka states that ‘pro-Zionist groups would strongly disagree’ that ‘encouraging discourse and critical thinking on a college campus is a good thing,’ yet the pro-Israel groups on campus have just as many events as the Muslim Student Union, all of them featuring panelists and speakers from both sides of the issue. The difference is the Muslim Student Union uses these events to incite hatred and gain sympathy for ‘martyrs,’ whereas the pro-Israel groups seek peace.
Shaka mentions the anti-Zionist Rabbi Weiss as if that justifies her sentiment that anti-Zionism ‘is an attack on Zionism, on the ideology behind the state’s racist policies. It is not an attack on Judaism or its followers.’ This is absolutely a na