Dat Phan Delights Dat Fans

Campus Village Housing sponsored a free comedy show featuring Dat Phan, who has been on the Tonight Show, done voice-overs on ‘Family Guy’ and won NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing.’
The show was held in HIB100 on Friday, June 2, and the lecture hall was filled over capacity for the event.
Opening for Phan were comedians Tommy Darrell, Mark Serritella and fellow ‘Last Comic Standing’ contestant Kenny Kane.
Darrell warmed up the crowd with a relatively short but enjoyable set while people were still piling into the lecture hall.
Following Darrell’s brief amusement, Serritella, a participant of both the Seattle and Boston Comedy Festivals, came out and won over the crowd with his innocent-sounding voice and quirky humor. Especially funny were his relatable jokes about his experiences as a schoolteacher.
‘At my school, we have a 300-pound P.E. teacher,’ Serritella joked. ‘He’s got one game called ‘Relay Races to McDonald’s.”
The last opening act, Kane, was introduced by Darrell, who explained that Kane had been on ‘Last Comic Standing’ until ‘Dat knocked him out.’ Even so, Kane was definitely a crowd favorite. He was incredibly animated, starting his set with an impression of a velociraptor from the Jurassic Park movies. Unfortunately, a couple minutes into his material, Kane’s microphone broke, but he kept the crowd roaring with his random jokes about bread slices being pop stars.
Even though Kane’s act ran longer than expected due to the microphone accident, the crowd didn’t mind at all.
‘I actually wish he went longer,’ said Chris Felix, an undecided/undeclared first-year student. ‘I wish all of the guys could have [performed] longer.’
Although all the opening acts were hilarious and undeniably tough to follow, Phan did not disappoint his audience. He performed a mixture of old and new material, and the crowd was rarely silent during his set. Although his jokes included a lot of references to growing up Asian-American, the entire crowd, Asian or otherwise, seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.
Phan pointed out the absurdity of racism, saying, ‘[It’s funny when] people hate you so much that they call you food items.