Peter Paige’s ‘Uncle’ Is Bungled

‘Say Uncle,’ the new film by ‘Queer as Folk’ star Peter Paige, takes a tongue-in-cheek look at homophobia in modern day suburbia.
Paige, who directed and produced the film, also stars as the film’s protagonist alongside Kathy Najimy, Gabrielle Union, Anthony Clark, Lisa Edelstein and Melanie Lynskey.
The film focuses on Paul Johnson, a gay man working at a dead-end telemarketing job who just happens to be drawn (in an innocent way) to children.
When Paul’s best friends and beloved godson move away, Paul is left in a state of denial and depression. He soon becomes delusional, only finding happiness when he is able to be around and play with children.
Paul soon becomes obsessed with children and the way they look at the world, a view which he adopts, and his character continues to develop many layers throughout the film.
The film is based on Paige’s real experience with a family very close to him and their son Morgan.
‘I became godfather to their son Morgan, as well as one of his primary caregivers,’ Paige said. ‘We spent almost every day together.