Cornered! A Weekly CD Review

Christian rock is among the fastest-growing genres of music in the United States today, although it still has not reached a level of popularity at which it is well-known to the average American college student. However, bands like Nevertheless attempt to cross into the popular music scene. Their debut album, ‘Live Like We’re Alive,’ is scheduled for release on Sept. 19.
The six-member band’s first single off the album, ‘The Real,’ has already become popular among Christian rock listeners.
The album makes few direct references to God and none to Jesus, but the references to faith are undeniably there. If religious subject matter would attract you to a particular type of music, ‘Live Like We’re Alive’ is a decent place to start opening up to the world of Christian rock.
That being said, the album does lack a sense of originality when compared to other genres of music. Although most of the tracks are catchy, none really stands out in terms of music and lyrics. Rather, all were moderately entertaining.
‘Time’ is one of the better songs on the album, as it chronicles a break-up