Booze Costs $300 for Unlucky Locals

It’s 9 p.m. on Friday and you’re going to the store to get some ice cream. As you enter Albertsons, three cute 17-year-old girls explain that they’re on their way to a party and ask you to buy alcohol for them. What do you do?
If you refuse, the girls don’t plead or persist. You continue shopping unimpeded and they look for someone else to ask.
If you agree, after you enter the store, the tall blond girl signals to the plain-clothes police officer standing by the door, the two Alcoholic Beverage Commission officers sitting at a table across the parking lot and the two uniformed officers sitting in an unmarked red truck, waiting to arrest you when you exit.
Cutting down on underage drinking at UC Irvine requires two components. The Health Education Center does their part to educate about responsible hosting of parties, the perils of binge drinking and the like, while the police department