Comedy Night’s Textual Woes

Associated Students of UC Irvine invited all anteaters to a night of free laughs on Thursday, Sept. 21 at the Bren Event Center. The comedy show featured performances by student groups, and the highlights were comedians Jay Davis, Jeff Garcia and Darren Carter. MySpace, Starbucks and Fresno were unlikely victims of the two hours of stand-up, but the usual topics of race, sex and stereotypes were not left unscathed in a show that would have been worth paying for.
Jay Davis, of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and Dane Cook’s ‘Tourgasm,’ was up first. Despite the overheard doubts of at least one audience member, Davis exceeded expectations.
Funny in a self deprecating way, Davis first reminded everyone to add him to their MySpace, and continued to read the minds of puzzled audience members trying to recall why he looked so familiar when he declared himself to be ‘Emilio Estevez and Anne Heche morphed into one.’
Undoubtedly, though, his best bit of the night was his girlfriend’s love of text messaging: ‘We were having text all the time, so often that I even lost my text drive. There’s a lot of textual tension … So we broke up and I went from having all this amazing text to none at all. At least I can always set my phone on vibrate and have text on myself.’
Innuendo and crude humor stole his show, as did his physical comedy which was reminiscent of his ‘Tourgasm’ costar Dane Cook.
Jeff Garcia was politically incorrect, but in a way that would have made even the most staunch representative and defender of race chuckle at least a little bit.
Picking on members of the audience, he broke down mannerisms and stereotypes of races, laughing at overzealous Asian students and parents, Mexican fruit vendors and White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Garcia scored laughs with his deadpan delivery of punch lines (reminiscent of the late great Mitch Hedberg at times) and enthusiastic cursing, but as his set went on he established himself as genuinely funny.
‘Starbucks is weird, it’s everywhere. It just springs up, and it renames drinks. Instead of a large coffee, I have to order a Venti Drip. A Venti Drip? That sounds like a venereal disease!’ he said.
‘Latinos like to lower their cars, you know, lower their bikes. I have a theory that Latinos have a fear of heights,’ he said, and after a pause, ‘And white folks, they raise their cars! They build their house high up in the hills! I have a theory that … White people are afraid of Latinos.’
Garcia can be heard in the new animated motion picture as the voice of Pip in the animated film ‘Barnyard,’ but in person, his material is geared toward a more mature audience.
The last performer, Darren Carter, began poking fun at race, sex and pop culture in a way that made some people laugh with nervousness instead of delight. While his predecessors Davis and Garcia were funnier in the execution of their jokes than in their content, Carter was legitimately amusing, and his act became stronger as he went on.
He talked about his wife, especially the endearing way the two of them insult and amuse each other