Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Facebook Changes Just an Excuse to Get Angry

A couple weeks ago, Facebook made a few changes. They weren’t the best, but was the extreme reaction truly necessary? Or were people just reacting to the reactions of others?
I thought the changes were a tad bit excessive, so I hid my ‘mini-feed’ updates and moved on with my life. But before I knew it, there was mass hysteria surrounding this seemingly miniscule issue.
I was amused by how quickly people caught onto this ‘fu** Facebook’ trend of the week. I loved to see what new ways people would come up with to bash Facebook on their ‘status,’ which was even more amusing because if they were so petrified by ‘Stalkbook,’ why did they feel the need to let all those ‘crazy stalkers’ (formerly known as ‘friends’) know what they were doing or how they felt?
I’m not saying that the update didn’t disturb a few people, but I do believe that over half of the people that reacted so harshly to it only did so because it seemed like the thing to do.
‘Jennifer is totally loving the new facebook!’
Ah yes! Finally a breath of fresh air! When I see my friend from UC Santa Barbara who wrote that, I will kiss her toes. Although she wrote it to poke fun at the situation, it made me wonder if the reaction to the ‘facelift’ could have been different.
If everybody was hearing their friends marvel about how awesome and amazing the changes were, would they have agreed? I think so. Not to say there wouldn’t have been any haters, but the love-to-hate ratio would have been closer to 50-50.
For some people, the ‘facelift’ was convenient; a quick update on how your friends are doing and what is going on in their lives. You could go to your homepage, see that someone is in a relationship or that someone else is happier than they’ve ever been, without having to go to their profiles. You could even congratulate them accordingly.
Or, if you like your privacy, there was a nice little ‘X’ on the top right corner of every mini-feed that would have kept your updates hidden from others.
Quite frankly, I think a majority of the people on Facebook would want their friends updated about their lives, or else they wouldn’t be updating their Facebook; and if there were people on their friends list whom they didn’t want seeing these updates, then they shouldn’t be ‘friends’