The Ultimate Dilemma: College or Professional Sports?

The debate on whether sports fans prefer professional or college sports has been a landslide in the past with many fans choosing the professional game. Recently, the tide has been turning.
While it might not have the same respect, the college game, in my opinion, has surpassed professional sports in its entertainment and intrinsic value.
Three major sports come to mind for this discussion: football, basketball and baseball.
If there were ever a more telling match up that would contrast college and professional football, the NFL’s Super Bowl and college football’s BCS championship game would be the ideal starting point.
Last season’s Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks was almost unbearable to watch. Despite the fact that the Steelers ended up with the win, many sports fan were more entertained by the halftime show featuring the Rolling Stones than by the game itself. Many would even argue that it was the referees, not the players, who determined the outcome of the game.
However, last year’s Rose Bowl