Cornered! A Weekly CD Review

Finding new and innovative talent has always been difficult, even with all the access to music we have available at our fingertips. Although ‘Liberation Transmission’ offers a perfect mimicry of American pop-rock today, the new album by the lostprophets is one that can easily be lost in the thousands of available musical options.
The Welsh band released their latest album on June 27 in the United States but have not reached nearly the level of fame that they have in the United Kingdom; the album has reached number one on the U.K. charts.
Although the band members are Welsh, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the sound of their music, as their songs are all performed with American accents, perhaps to more closely imitate today’s popular American music.
With Mike Chilplin, one of the original band members, deciding to leave the lostprophets last year, the remaining members of the now five-member band were eager to move on with their musical careers through the production and release of ‘Liberation Transmission.’
Many fans of the band’s early music criticize the direction they chose to take this particular album, since they used to be known for a more aggressive, punk-rock sound. ‘Liberation Transmission’ is a definite departure from their original style.
The first track, ‘Everyday Combat,’ has traces of the band’s older style, complete with fast-paced drums and screaming, although it falls short of inspiring.
Another notable song is ‘Can’t Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won’t Save You This Time).’ Its lyrics speak to an unwanted acquaintance and are the kind to which most can relate.
‘How many lies did you tell this time? / How many times did you cross the line? / It won’t help me, but I have to ask / Is there something real behind that mask?’
Musically, however, the melody and background are nothing new.
The majority of the songs on the album are very similar in terms of musical style and lyrical content. While the album could be enjoyable for fans of pop-rock who want more of the same, it is not recommended for those who are looking for something different in their music.
While lostprophets have done well for themselves in the UK and are bound to win over some American fans, it is doubtful that they will reach the same level of success here as they have overseas.
Rating: 3/5