Predicting Pollution in OC

Imagine waking one beautiful, sunny morning and deciding to hit the beach for a day of surfing and swimming only to find at your destination a sign that notifies you that the beach is closed for the day-due to a sewage spill. Or worse yet, imagine having actually gone in the water and discovering that a sewage spill occurred while you were in it. Now, imagine never having to experience one of those days, and instead having the option to look online before hitting the beach to know the status of its waters.
Stop imagining because UC Irvine researchers have developed real-time sensors that detect pollution in beach waters and direct data to online sources that may be viewed by the public to determine current ocean conditions.
The sensors are located at the end of piers and measure the temperature, salinity and chlorophyll fluorescence of the water along the coast of Southern California.
The data from these readings provides insight