Review of New Clubs

As UC Irvine continues to grow as a campus, so does its variety of clubs and organizations. These new clubs address different interests, from students who have a passion for motorcycles to those who like to study neurology. Here are three that will launch this school year:

Queer Graduate Caucus
As you walk through Aldrich Park, you may notice the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center. Students filter in and out at various times. The Queer Graduate Caucus is making its new home there, with the help of the Associated Graduate Students and Monday Evening Group.

According to chairman Kurt MacMillan, QGC ‘supports a queer-friendly university environment by enhancing the social and academic life of queer students on campus.’

MacMillan, second-year graduate student in history, was interested in initiating the club after working for Princeton University and having been a part of the university’s Queer Graduate Caucus.

He worked with Daniel Kang, a second-year graduate student in environmental health, science and policy and Danielle Vigneaux, a second-year graduate student in history, to form the club.

‘I was really impressed by the connectedness of queer graduate students at Princeton across department lines and the amount of social and academic activities available to them on campus,’ MacMillan said.

‘Since there’s such a large graduate student population on campus at UCI, we’d like to have something similar here.’

Throughout the year, QGC plans to sponsor social events, discussion groups and political activism, including a launch party on Oct. 5 and a lecture by historian Marcia Gallo.

The club also hopes to provide prospective graduate students with information about the UCI community and resources in the Orange County area. Please contact Danielle Vigneaux at for more information.

Motorcycle Club
Long gone are the days of Greased Lightning and the T-Birds on their motorbikes. These days, hot rides are decked out with rims and spoilers. With this image in mind, the motorcycle club hopes to bring back some of the excitement and intensity of motorcycles on campus.

Michael Allen, a fourth-year psychology major, first realized the need for a motorcycle club while talking to members of Imports at UCI.

‘I wanted to get all the motorcyclists at UCI together and organize rides all over California,’ Allen said, ‘I think that the club shouldn’t just be university based, and we’re hoping to get a lot of people with cars interested in motorcycles as well.’

The Motorcycle Club encourages anyone interested in motorcycles to join the club, both non-riders and motorcycle aficionados. With the club, Allen hopes to end misconceptions students might have about motorcycles by introducing new riders to motorcycle safety and promoting motorcycle technique.

‘We just hope to have members who are open-minded and who realize the positive aspects, the reality, and the potential of motorcycles,’ Allen said.

The club is interested in participating in Motor GP, an international racing event, as well as getting members involved in drag races. Allen also plans to have weekly rides and gatherings at the local In-N-Out.

The first meeting for the club will be held on Oct. 2 at 5 p.m. in HH 231. Please contact Michael Allen at or (805) 234-7720 for more information.

College Student Interest Group in Neurology (COSIGN)
On a Thursday night, it’s safe to think that many students on campus will be glued to their screens watching ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ The intrigue of surgery and the interns’ relationships are what have captured viewers.

The College Student Interest Group in Neurology doesn’t deal with Dr. McDreamy, but it does focus on furthering the interests of those interested in neurology.

Developed in 2002, the COSIGN program, an affiliate of the American Association of Neurology, will serve as a connection between the UCI undergraduate community and the SIGN chapter from the UCI Medical School.

Students have the opportunity to meet other students who are interested in neurology, gather more information about the field and participate in neurology-related activities.

‘It all comes down to the interest and perseverance of the students who want to get involved in our club. The more interested a student is in the field of neurology, the more information and experience he or she will obtain from this club,’ said COSIGN president Anish Nanduri, a second-year biological sciences major.

The club plans to bring in speakers who specialize in the field and show movies that delve into neurology. It is currently working to create a mentorship program with the SIGN chapter from the UCI Medical School.

‘COSIGN is a very open club geared toward spreading the amazing opportunities associated with neurology,’ Nanduri said.

The club meets on Mondays of even weeks (Weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8), beginning Oct. 2 at 6 p.m. in RH 104. Please contact Anish Nanduri at for more information.