Side One Dummy Tour with The Whitest Kids U’ Know

‘What’s better than getting a sweet BJ from an 18-year-old girl in the crowd?’ asked The Whitest Kids U’ Know, a musical comedy group based out of New York City, to the Bren Events Center audience.
The only (sober) answer of the night to that lewd inquiry would have been: Flogging Molly, Bedouin Soundclash and Zox in the Side One Dummy Tour on Sept. 30.
The end of the first week of the tour synchronized with the conclusion of the first week of classes at UC Irvine. Flogging Molly and their opening acts served as emblematic precursors of how amazing this upcoming school year is going to be.
Zox and Flogging Molly were not only united by their record label, Side One Dummy, but also by their unconventional choice of instruments.
At 7 p.m., Zox played their combination of indie rock and reggae with songs such as ‘Can’t Look Down,’ a multi-layered, upbeat number heavily dominated by the violin, and ‘Anything But Fine,’ an apologetic acoustic piece.
Influenced by classical music and Fugazi, vocalist/violinist Spencer Swain is a 20-year veteran violinist who rocked just as hard on his violin as most hardcore bands do with their electric guitars. Zox’s live performance was definitely a shocker.
For a band whose name sounds like it was taken from a cancelled Sci-Fi Channel show, Zox’s performance captured the audience just as well as the headliners at the Bren.
‘We’ll be back,’ said an excited Swain. Before Bedouin Soundclash followed Zox, The Whitest Kids U’ Know introduced their own musical gifts with, ‘Get a New Daddy,’ a light-hearted music video about getting ‘a new daddy’ after being molested by your parents. Thanks to The Whitest Kids U’ Know, the exciting pace of the show never lagged, even when the three bands were transitioning.
As well as being comedians and musicians, the members of The Whitest Kids U’ Know also make innovative documentaries.
In their intense film ‘Super Size Me… With Whiskey,’ Trevor Moore ambitiously attempts to discover the effects of consuming nothing but whiskey for a month straight. Moore didn’t make it past the eighth day.
Canadian reggae/soul band Bedouin Soundclash calmed the crowd with lead singer Jay Malinowski’s wispy vocals. Bedouin Soundclash’s flowing set was a nice breather from the uproar of the two previous acts.
Performing pieces mainly from their latest album, ‘Sounding a Mosaic,’ Bedouin Soundclash’s buoyant music silenced the rowdy audience, and let them drift away with songs like ’12:59 Lullaby.’
Headlining act Flogging Molly and their fast-paced Celtic-rooted rock songs woke up their Irish brethren in the crowd. Listeners, both Irish and non-Irish, seemed to enjoy doing a little jig.
Irish pride gushed through the performance as half-Irish, half-Mexican lead vocalist Dave King reveled in ‘Drunken Lullabies,’ ‘If I Ever Leave this World Alive’ and many other songs.
The Side One Dummy Tour was a great musical event to kick off the year at the Bren Events Center.