Too Many Starbucks Around

This summer, when I started taking classes at UCI, I discovered Diedrich Coffee. I was introduced to an alternative to Starbucks with free refills of coffee and free wireless Internet, which saved me when I had to do online research for a summer class one weekend. I was mooching wireless off my neighbors in my Huntington Beach apartment complex at the time, and on this particular day, all their networks were either blocking me or were offline. Luckily, I was able to hop over to the Diedrich down the street and finish my research without having to drive very far.
Then I heard that Diedrich was going to be bought out by Starbucks. While companies sometimes buy other companies and then leave the newly acquired business to do their thing, Starbucks officially plans on converting their purchases, promising ‘Starbucks’ great coffee, merchandise offerings, friendly faces and a relaxing and comfortable gathering place,’ according to a Sept. 22 article in the Orange County Register, ‘Balm for the Bitter.’
It’s hard to say exactly when this change will take place, but the transformation of the Diedrich Coffee in the University Town Center into another Starbucks appears to be imminent. No more free refills. No more free wireless across from campus. Personally, it’s hard for me to detect a notable difference between the friendly faces at Starbucks from those at any other caf