Bush Fooling Evangelicals

Evangelicals were not only instrumental in the Republican Revolution of the 1990s, but have become one of the strongest pillars of the Republican Party. Apparently, they have been duped by their own party.
That is the message from evangelical David Kuo, who was the deputy director of the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives during President Bush’s first term.
In his new book, ‘Tempting Faith,’ Kuo outlines how the Faith-Based Initiative was essentially a ‘get out the vote’ campaign for Republicans, consisting of broken promises to help the poor, while top Republicans referred to leaders of the Christian right as ‘nuts,’ ‘goofy’ and ‘insane.’
Kuo’s message is not new for many who believe that the Republicans have hijacked religion for political purposes, while distilling the central message of the Bible and Jesus Christ. But given the fact that he worked with the president, Kuo’s observations give him credibility and insight into the daily operations of the White House.
Kuo also says that many of the promises made by the administration in terms of aid to the poor have gone unfulfilled.
Kuo said in an interview on ’60 Minutes’ that only $60 million of the $8 billion promised for the poor during the first two years of the Bush administration reached the hands of the needy.
For years, Republicans have used the name of God and the Bible to champion their opposition to abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage and homosexuality