Career Fair Helps Students Get Jobs

In the first of three career fairs offered throughout the year, students dressed in business-casual attire while handing out their resumes to potential employers.
Canopy tents lined Ring Road from Langson Library to Brandywine Commons Wednesday, Oct. 18 for the Fall Career Fair, which accommodated over 150 employers between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Students had the opportunity to address company representatives and search for part-time and full-time jobs as well as internships.
Employers were already in search of qualified seniors to work after they graduate. Some seniors were looking for the right careers to begin their post-college lives.
‘I am looking for an internship, but hopefully it will lead to a real job for the rest of my life,’ said Nancy Phoun, a fourth-year psychology and social behavior and criminology, law and society double major.
The fair included a diversified range of employers. Technical companies organized on one side of the road including Boeing and Apple, Inc. Non-technical companies organized on the other side, including and Think Together.
There were non-profit organizations, profitable companies and government service branches such as the Irvine Police Department and the Orange County Sheriffs Department.
The fair was aimed at students of all years from freshmen to super-seniors. Employment opportunities were in abundance, with demand exceeding the number of students.
‘Our company believes that the students here at UC Irvine receive a quality education and we have found students here that are very competitive in the work force and we want to take advantage of this opportunity,’ said Jabari Martin, a representative for Southern California Edison.
‘UCI students have a strong sense of confidence and are willing to roll up their sleeves with an ‘I can do it, I want to do it!’ attitude,’ said Kathryn Van Ness, director of the Career Center.
Van Ness and others on the Career Center staff were stationed around the Registration and Marketing tent to give last-minute advice and encouragement to intimidated students.
‘Have your critiqued resume ready to go, have some idea of what your interests are, develop a mini road map, firm handshake, be concise and make eye contact!’ advised the staff.
Most students came prepared, ‘selling’ themselves in a developed and thought-out presentation of their aspirations and achievements. Many employers agree that first impressions of students can have lasting effects. Most employers looked for mature, well-paced, collected students who have the aptitude and ability to work in a mature environment.
The Career Fair was not only an opportunity to allow employers to hire new employees, but a chance for students to research employers they might be interested in in the future.
‘Getting to know the people inside the company is good. It’s better to know what type of people work there as opposed to just what they do,’ said Steven Lee, a fourth-year computer engineering major.
For students who need help in interview techniques, searching for a job, writing a resume or any other issues with obtaining a career or an internship, the Career Center staff is always enthusiastically helpful.
The on-campus interview program allows students to interview with a wide variety of employers for both internships and full-time career positions. More information can be found at the UCI Career Center Web site,, or by calling the Career Center at (949) 824-6884.