OK Go Brings ‘Party to the People’

So you’ve witnessed OK Go’s funky dance skills on stage, heard their songs ooze through JC Penney’s commercials and TiVo-ed their last-minute performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Although OK Go won’t be slowing down anytime in the near future, frontman Damian Kulash took a breather and joined the New University for an exclusive interview.
New University: Who taught you guys how to do those crazy dance moves that we’ve seen in your videos?
Damian Kulash: I got the idea from my sister who had done ballroom dancing for many years.
New U: What were the challenges of filming a physically demanding piece, such as in the ‘Here It Goes Again’ music video?
Kulash: Just figuring out how to dance on the treadmills. We hurled ourselves over and over again [at them].
New U: We’ve seen the ‘A Million Ways’ dance performed at your live shows before, but will we be seeing the acrobatic choreography of ‘Here It Goes Again’ in this upcoming tour?
Kulash: Not likely
New U: You guys have been touring quite extensively this past year. Will OK Go be taking a break for Halloween?
Kulash: We’ve been on tour for 18 months now and on Halloween I believe we’ll be in Pomona where we can add new videos and stage circus-ness.
New U: Were there any memorable Halloween pranks that happened during your college years at Brown University?
Kulash: I had a friend who brought a bunch of live chickens. Did you know that if you buy chickens, they just come in a black bag? Chickens are really dumb and cognitively really simple so they just go to sleep in the bag and you can get them really cheap. They come asleep. There’s an old bylaw that only the president of the university is allowed to graze his livestock on the main green, and the guy couldn’t afford livestock so he brought chickens on the main green.
New U: What’s the best Halloween candy and what’s the worst?
Kulash: The best would be Good & Fruity. They’re like the fruity version of Good & Plenty, but I don’t think they make those anymore. … They’re so good. The worst [are] those coconut candies.
New U: Oh, like Almond Joys? Those are pretty gross.
Kulash: No, I think these are by Brach’s.
New U: You’re also a writer, putting out articles on topics ranging from why college students should be allowed to share music to why girls shouldn’t date rock stars. Is there any topic that you’ve been itching to get off of your chest?
Kulash: No, not recently. We’ve been doing so much and talking to so many people that there isn’t a lot to [say] that hasn’t been covered. We’ll see. Usually someone asks me at the very last second and I make it up on the spot.
New U: ‘The Daily Show’ or ‘The Colbert Report’?
Kulash: It’s hard to compare both [shows] because they’re both so good. ‘The Colbert Report,’ because they invited me on. I’m a fan of both shows, but I’m going to give it to ‘The Colbert Report’ by a hair.
New U: What’s up next for OK Go this year and when are we going to see a follow up to ‘Oh No’?
Kulash: Touring lots and lots. We’re going to try to bring the party to the people and we’re hoping that we can write in spring and record in the summer. We’ve been itching to do it now, but there’s just been so much touring going on.
OK Go commences another headlining tour Tuesday Nov. 1 at The Glasshouse in Pomona with Swedish rockers Quit Your Day Job.