Prop 85: Parental Notification of Minor Abortions | PRO

In California, a minor cannot receive a flu shot, go on a field trip, take an aspirin from the school nurse (or even be in possession of aspirin), watch an R-rated movie or have a tooth pulled without proper parental notification.
But somehow, this same 12-year-old child can have a surgical or chemical abortion performed on her without her parents ever knowing.
Preventing any parental involvement in such a major decision for a minor is irresponsible, presumptuous and just plain wrong. The parents, not the government, are the ones who should have the right to help make choices for their minor children.
Proposition 85, if passed, will ‘require that a physician notify, with certain exceptions, a parent or legal guardian of a pregnant minor at least 48 hours before performing an abortion.’
Proposition 85 will put responsibility and control back into the parents’ hands where it legally belongs, instead of letting the loudest influences in the abortion decision be friends of the minor